Spring is here! We can only hope. I saw my first lady bug and the dogs and I heard our first frog this week.  But here in the Basin we know to expect some type of snow, be it just a morning flurry and melted by lunch, until the middle of May. (Or even as late as the first week of  June, that is,  just ask a baseball player. But they do have a tendency to mix up pelting hail with snow.) Trust me I know!

Anyway, there is still snow in the forecast and on the hillside west of Quincy, so, according to my old-time weather-guru neighbor, we need to protect our non-hardy young veggies until that hillside is melted.  He uses water-filled tee pees to protect his tomatoes until we warm up at night and the wind decides to cool it.  His plants always turn out gorgous.

Luckily, I have lettuce and arugula volunteers up in the garden so I know its time to get new seed in the ground along with peas and radishes. We can also sneak garlic cloves in the ground right now and get a good crop this fall, including cloves that were inadvertently missed last summer.  Just carefully separate the cloves,  replant them and be sure to water them well.  Then patience is a virtue.  But don’t think about it,  there is plenty to do, even with snow still on the hills!

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to Dune Lakes Flower Farm web site. We are excited to be here! Keep checking back. In the next few days this site will continue to be updated.  Think Spring!